Meet your newest

third & Fourth Wheel!

The Muscle 💪

Jai, a photographer and cinematographer, has been shooting fine art portraits and concept videos for over 7 years, under the name VitusWorks.

Jai loves running, hiking, camping, basically anything that gets him outside.🏕

The Brain 🤓

Gayathri is jack of all trades, she is the creative director, coordinator and concept planner. She also bakes as a hobby under Purple Elephant

She is an avid foodie! Everything from cheap eats 🍕 to romantic dinner 🍽, she is your one stop shop!


We want to hold space for you to show up completely yourself with hearts wide open. Forget the poses & expectations of what photos and videos “should” be, let’s create something beautiful together that authentically preserve this milestone of your life, no matter how big or small.

At the end of the day most any videographers can deliver good images and videos, but we want to give you more than that – We want to create something so timeless and meaningful that you can enjoy over and over again. We are here to help you remember a time that make you think,“Woah! that was beautiful!”

We are not here to just show up with a camera and shoot. We wanna be more than that for you. This is a two way relationship, we don’t create for, we create with you. We want this to be more than just videos to you!


we love

our work

After all is said and done,
what really matter is that you come out of it



Whatever your adventure may be, it deserves to be remembered for decades to come.

Tell us your story

and let’s create something beautiful together.